A strange home

The PC Gamer online / CVG / Games Radar oddness continues, with a Devil’s Advocate I wrote for PC Gamer on mouse versus gamepad chucked up on CVG. But not on PC Gamer. So, released solely to an audience not familiar with the tongue-in-cheek concept of this Gamer regular (the clue’s in the name), the guys in the comments thread, completely oblivious that I’m screwing with them, are pretty hilarious in their outrage.

My only real concern is that it’s up on CVG because someone there thought it was a serious discussion of the issue. It’s really not.

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Site launch: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

In the interests of freedom from having our straplines changed by merciless magazine folk, I and comrades Gillen, Rossignol and Walker have launched a PC gaming website of our very own. Early days, and no source of revenue as yet. Obviously it’d be lovely if it somehow made us all rich – but I doubt it. Still, it’s fun and people seem to like it. I’ve also learned some basic CSS editing to make it look like it does, and not the technicolour abortion it did. Oh yeah, and it’s here.

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